Art Jewelry
and other Creations
by Marnie Ehlers

Client Testimonials

"What a phenomenal instructor. Marnie is full of the knowledge one needs to be a wonderful metal clay artist. She is more than knowledgeable in pieces of advice and suggestions."
~Jan Cunningham

"Marnie provides a relaxed and nurturing environment for creativity - You will be delighted with your pieces!"
~Gail Paulin

"Being a novice with metal clay, I felt like I knew what I was doing by the end of just one class!"
~Anne Croteau

"Marnie's class was inspirational! I have a new passion!"
~Susan Edwards

"Though I started out just a bit nervous, I was soon having the time of my life! It opens up a world of creative possibilities."
~Andrea Frost

"Marnie is an amazing sensei! My learning curve skyrocketed!" :)
~Angie Karst

"Marnie provides a creative and enjoyable journey into the world of metal clay - a wonderful experience!"
~Marly Penner

"Marnie provides wonderful tips. Usually this "secret knowledge" is not available in written instructions."
~Debbie Newman

"The individual attention given in class was invaluable."
~Sharon Hessoun
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