Art Jewelry and other Creations by Marnie Ehlers

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I am a girl at heart that has always possessed a strong desire to create. My hope is that my designs will serve as a good muse in your life. Art to serve as a tangible reminder, a talisman, a good luck charm to inspire a life of joy, happiness and passion.

My artwork reflects a collage of experiences starting with my love of art as a child to the unending art, crafts, and jewelry classes I have enjoyed over the years. I am eclectic in my design process and use a variety of metals including 14k gold, silver, copper and bronze as well as paint, fabric, wood, organic and found objects in my jewelry and sculpture.



My Tucson studio is my sanctuary. A place of thought and dreamy abstraction. In addition to creating there I love teaching group and private classes in Precious Metal Clay.

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